Recognized as the oldest surviving church in Ontario, Her Majesty’s Royal Chapel of the Mohawks, or Mohawk Chapel, as it’s referred to, was originally called St Paul’s. It was the first Protestant church in what was known as Upper Canada and is the only Royal Chapel in all of North America. It’s also the last building remaining from the Mohawk Village which was established along the Grand River in 1784.

Mohawk Chapel was given to those who were led by Joseph Brant. Having supported the British in the American Revolution, their allegiance cost them lands that they occupied in New York state. As recompense for this loss, 760K acres were granted to the Mohawks along the Grand River. This included two mills, a school, and the chapel. Eight equally beautiful stained-glass windows were installed in the chapel between 1959 and 1962. Each one depicts an important event from the history of the Six Nations of the Grand River Territory and Iroquois People. Their descriptions are individually showcased in each window and comprise a part of the tours available at this National Historic Site, which was designated in 1981.

Her Majesty’s Royal Chapel of the Mohawks not only serves as a wonderful part of history, but it also still operates as a chapel, serving as the location for baptisms as well as wedding ceremonies! The latter, among the many workshops, special events, and community functions it hosts, are some of its more captivating experiences. For more information on special events or to keep current with what’s happening, visit the chapel social media links for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Located at 301 Mohawk St. in Brantford, the Mohawk Chapel is open for tours, standing as both a reminder and a memorial to the historical contributions of the Six Nations. Featuring both guided and self-guided tours from Victoria Day Weekend in May through Thanksgiving Weekend in October, it also hosts pre-scheduled tours, events, and presentations by appointment, during the off-season. To plan a tour during the off season (late October through early May,) please contact the Coordinator via email at the link provided here. If you would like to incorporate a tour of the chapel as part of a larger community experience package, please contact Six Nations Tourism at (519) 758-5444 or email

Written by Spring Sault