• Six Nations Tourism

Length: All day

Dates: Year-round

Price: $70.00/person for a group of less than 20; $60.00/person for a group of 20 people or more

About the ‘Where Cultures Meet’ Package: Start your morning at Kanata Village’s 17th century replica Mohawk longhouse. Take a glimpse into the everyday life of the Haudenosaunee to learn about family and social structures as well as traditional teachings and stories. Travel and explore the cedar trees to reach the White Pine where you will learn about the Law of Peace and the formation of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy.

Take a guided tour of Her Majesty’s Royal Chapel of the Mohawks built in 1785. The Chapel is the oldest surviving church in Ontario and the only remaining building of the original Mohawk Village. The 8 stained glass windows tell the history of Six Nations people and their contributions to Canadian history.

The Woodland Cultural Centre Museum provides insight on prehistoric past about the First Nations who lived in this area. The archaeological and ethnographic collections make up the permanent collection and are presented in a dramatic storyline beginning with our Iroquoian and Algonkian prehistoric past through to the 21st century.

The Mohawk Institute Residential school offers a virtual tour as the building is undergoing major repairs and renovations. The Residential School operated in Brantford, Ontario from 1828 to 1970. The building has been providing in-depth and historically significant insight into the Residential School System for the past 45 years.

Chiefswood National Historic Site offers the history of the Johnson family including famous poetess E. Pauline Johnson. The historic home was built in 1853-1856 by Mohawk Chief George Johnson for his English bride Emily Howells. The Johnson family tells the story of two cultures living together and embracing their heritage.

Kayanase provides information on cultural and ecotourism. Come to learn about the Haudenosaunee history and culture by visiting the 17th century style replica longhouse.

Take a guided tour of the Six Nations community through our step on bus tour. This tour includes one of our knowledgeable interpreters to step on your bus, share stories, show landmarks of  Six Nations of the Grand River in present day, complete your step on tour at a local craft shop with authentic crafts and takeaways for the whole family.

Disclaimer: All packages are booked based on availability of sites. The organizer reserves all rights to change the package due to circumstances beyond our control.

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